Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dirty Girl Mud Run

I am so excited to be a blogger ambassador for the Dirty Girl Mud Run here in Atlanta next month!

Haven't heard about this before?  Kind of wary about doing an obstacle course mud run?  This particular one is a 5k for women only!  It's an untimed obstacle course for women of all ages and athletic abilities, so it's perfect for those that want to see what it's all about without the competitive edge that some of the other mud runs have.

You make your way through about 12 obstacles, and if you feel you're unable to complete one, no worries!  You can take one of their adventure race detours.  Many women form a team, and some go solo, but no matter which you decide, you'll feel a sense of camaraderie throughout the course.  Take a look at some of the obstacles here.  Come ready to get down and dirty!

The dates for the Atlanta run are April 20-21, and it will be held at Lake Lanier Islands.  I will be participating on April 20th in the 9:30 wave.  Haven't signed up yet but want to?  Use the code DGATLBLOGGUEST to receive a 20% discount off of your registration! (This is only good for the Atlanta event)

If this is your first mud run, here are a few things I learned after my first one -

**Bring a towel and change of clothes (unless you plan on riding in the back of a truck on the way home)
**Don't bring jeans to change into...shorts are much easier to get on
**Wear capris or something that covers your knees and shins...I still have bruises and scrapes from the Spartan Race
**Wear old shoes that you don't mind getting dirty...I have a pair of shoes set aside for mud runs
**Baby wipes are great for getting mud off of you!
**Bring a trash bag to throw your muddy clothes in

I hope you'll consider joining me in Atlanta for what will be a fun and muddy day!

Have you done a mud run before?  Any additional tips?

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  1. An ice chest with water for a make shift bath is ah-mazing!

  2. I considered doing that race. But i am doing warrior dash the weekend before, and 2 back to back might be a bit much for me at this point (plus i live in east Georgia so there's driving to consider) Looks like fun though! And after running spartan race i definitely second your words of advice! Will be watching here for a full recap of the race... good luck!

    1. I'm doing the Warrior Dash the weekend before, too! I've got a couple of girlfriends doing the Dirty Girl with me so we're going to take our time and have fun :)

  3. So fun! We'll be heading to The Loveliest Village on the Plains this weekend, and my hubby & I are doing Warrior Dash the weekend before. I heard great things about this race last year. Looking forward to racing again together!

  4. Oh that looks AMAZING! I can't make Atlanta next month, but I think I want to try for one of the Florida races this year. Thanks for putting this on my radar!


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