Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So...Let Me Explain....

I know my blog has been quieter than normal, and for that I apologize.  Let me explain -

I have a confession - I have not run since my last half marathon on October 6th (recap coming soon).  I was beginning to feel burned out from running, so I gave my body (and mind) some time off to figure out what I want to do seeing that I don't have another half marathon on the calendar until February when I travel to Jacksonville to run 13.1 with Donna. (wow that was a huge run on sentence)

I have struggled to lose weight, and most of it is my own fault.  I had the mentality of "Oh, I'm running half marathons so I can eat whatever I want".  I know that's not how I should be thinking, but the point of my blog is to be truthful, so that's what I'm doing.

Last week, I got this -

Hubby and I decided to join Bodyplex!  I'm looking forward to participating in some classes and trying out spin and yoga for the first time ever!  They have tons of free weights and machines to use as well as a great selection of cardio equipment.

Tomorrow night I'm running the Esprit de She Atlanta 5k event at Piedmont Park, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm not going out with any expectations since it's been a minute since my last run, but I'm hoping this race will jumpstart my love of running again.

Have you ever needed to give yourself a break?  What helped motivate you to get going again?

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  1. I took some where between 3-4 months off in 2012. After Princess I did a few races here and then Expedition Everest but I didn't train for anything after Princess. I was just done with running. I took time off until a little before my husband returned from his deployment and we were starting to train for Princess 2013. When I got back into it I felt much better and the training went much better. Princess was the only big race I did this year so I didn't need as much time off after to get back into the swing of things. It's nice to just take a break every now and then and then have a big race to prepare for to get you back in the groove.

  2. I feel you on this one - sometimes a break is all we need to get us back in the groove. Have a great 5K!

  3. I took a 4-5 month break after DL 2012. I had surgery, but I also just needed a break from running. I got back into running to start training for Dumbo. It was tough at first getting back into the routine of running, but overall my running was better. I was faster and had better endurance. I found that having a race to train specifically for really helped motivate me. :)

  4. Good for you for knowing when to relax and step back from things- I have to admit I am not always good about that. Glad you are trying something new, changing things up and new workout routine is a great way to get motivated and give your metabolism a boost! Cant wait to hear more about the new adventures!

  5. I didn't take time off like I wanted to. I did ease up on my mileage though. I may not have wanted to, but I knew I needed to.

  6. Hi Jen! I just went through something similar in that after my last 10K race in October, I didn't run for three weeks! I just didn't have the same drive that I did prior to the race. But now that I'm facing the Esprit de She Minneapolis 10K next weekend, I better get to it! ;)

  7. I feel like I'm getting to that point where I need to take a break from running and focus on eating healthier, spending more time in the gym, and losing weight. It's been impossible for me to lose weight while I'm running this much.

  8. I'm planning on a week to 2 weeks off now after 2 halfs in 2 weeks


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