Friday, November 7, 2014

Peachtree City Divas Half Marathon Recap

While at the Publix half marathon expo in March, I signed up to run the inaugural Divas half marathon in Peachtree City in September.  Brandi and I made it an overnighter so that we wouldn’t have to wake up so early on race morning.

I left work early on the day before the race and headed down to the expo to pick up my bib and check out the booths.  My friend, Marcia, was working the runDonna booth so I hung out with her a bit to catch up.  I hadn’t seen her since February so it was good to have some time to chat!

Diva 1

Once Brandi and her mom got to the expo and shopped around, we headed to dinner at Mellow Mushroom – definitely a tasty way to carb up!  We checked into our hotel, laid our race stuff out, and headed to bed.

Diva 4

I didn’t sleep very well that night…it was cold in the room and all i had was a sheet on my air mattress.  At least made getting up a little easier.  We headed to park and catch the shuttle to the race.  We had a bit of down time so we checked our bags and met up with some fellow ATLrunsDisney runners.  We made our way over to the start and watched the 5k runners begin their race.  I briefly saw my friend, Kristen, as she started.  We got a little shout out and wave to each other :)

Diva 5 Diva 7

My friend, Zoila, was also running.  This would be her first half marathon and she did a great job!  We got to talk a bit before the race started as well as on the course :)

Diva 6

Finally, it was time for the race to start.  It was a very hot and humid Georgia morning, and that took its toll on me pretty quick.  The course itself was very nice…some of it on the county and city roads but a majority of it on the golf cart paths (Peachtree City is the golf cart capital in the world…no seriously…look it up if you don’t believe me).  It was nice and shaded, but NO wind whatsoever.  I had some chafing issues, and combined with the heat it really slowed me down.  I have honestly never wanted to quit a race so badly. 

But, I pushed through it, and in the last mile came across a girl who was completing her first half marathon.  We chatted a bit and then when we saw the finish I told her to do a nice easy run.  We crossed together and she was so excited.  I was happy for her!  We got our medals and I told her she had to get a finisher’s picture.  We hugged and I went to meet up with Brandi and her mom. 

We grabbed my bag and headed for the car as I had a wedding to attend that night and Brandi and Karen wanted to get home to see the Georgia Tech game (lucky for me UGA was off that day).

My finish time was a slow one…3:39…I’m not proud of it, but it’s mine and I own it. 

Diva 8

Every race can’t be a good one…it’s the no so good runs that make the great runs feel that much greater.

I think for the inaugural year it was definitely a success.  I will definitely be back to do it again…next time it will be time for a redemption run :)

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  1. True, they can't all be perfect races, but way to stick with it and finish. Glad to hear it is a fun race. I might check it out next year!

  2. I bet PTC is a beautiful location for a half. I love that you pointed out it's the golf cart capital of the world. Everyone goes everywhere on golf carts there. It's great to see!


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