Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2015 Peachtree Road Race recap

Exactly one month ago today I was running down Peachtree Street with 54843 of my closest friends.  This race is one that I think everyone should do at least once.  The atmosphere is simply amazing, and what better way to kick off your holiday than to run (or walk!) a race?

I had been stalking the weather for about a week and knew the chance for rain was pretty high.  After running Wine and Dine (aka "Splash and Dash") last November I was at least prepared with what to do.

I didn't go to the expo but my friend, Ramona, was kind enough to pick up my race packet for me :) 

The night before was a perfect evening.  The hubby, Guinness, and I walked up the road to watch the fireworks the city was shooting off at the fairgrounds.  It was nice not to have to worry about traffic and crowds of people.
We got home and I did my usual pre-race tradition of laying out "Flat Jen" - I absolutely love my new InknBurn Patriotic tank!
I also collected a towel, change of clothes, and my Oofos to throw in my car since it was pretty evident that I would be soaking wet after the race.  The next morning I overslept a bit, but nothing too bad.  It actually worked out to my advantage!  The drive to MARTA was quick and easy and I jumped right onto a train.  As I walked to the starting line I was just in time to see the elite athletes participating in the Peachtree Cut to start the race!

About 10 minutes later I made it to my corral.  I kind of hung out and then slowly made my way into the crowd, where I ran into my friend, Zoila.  We chatted and decided that we just wanted to have fun and enjoy the race, so we ran together.  It was good to catch up with her as we hadn't seen each other in quite some time!

Finally our corral made it to the start line.  Due to the rain, they had taken down the huge American flag that usually hangs down over the runners.  Just as we were crossing the start line, a HUGE bolt of lightning struck and everyone simultaneously gasped.  They delayed the race as our corral went off, but we just missed getting pulled off the course (we didn't see anymore lightning after the first strike).

Despite the weather, there were TONS of spectators out, cheering and having a great time with the runners.  One of my favorite spots on the course is by the Catholic church.  The priest stands in the road and throws holy water on the runners.  Even though we were soaked from head to toe by the rains from the heavens, we managed to get some of his water on us as well.

I didn't take any pictures during the race as I didn't want to chance damaging my new phone (again...long story).  We had a great time, despite the rain...it definitely didn't dampen our spirits.

Once we crossed the finish line and received our coveted t-shirt, we went our separate ways.  I headed over to the Atlanta Track Club members only area at the Park Tavern to find a dry place to text the hubby and let him know that I was done and to snap a post-race photo...still smiling!

Soon after I headed back to MARTA...most of my friends had either left or I couldn't get in touch with them, so I decided to leave.  At least I was able to grab a seat on the train and chill out on the way back to where I parked.  Before heading home, I made a pit stop -
Yay for a free Starbucks reward coffee!  It was much needed as I was chilled to the bone!

Even though it rained the whole race I still had a fantastic time.  You have to make the best out of a situation that's out of your hands, and we definitely made lemonade outta lemons for this race.  :)  I'm ready to run it again next year and continue the tradition!  Absolutely loved the race shirt design this year, too!

You may have noticed a small addition to my bib - a 4-H clover.  I have a very dear friend, Dr. Bo, who had run the past 25 Peachtree Road Races, but had to miss this year due to going through cancer treatments.  I have known him for years as he was the State 4-H leader here in Georgia when I was growing up.  We reconnected at a race back in 2012 and I currently serve on the Georgia Master 4-H Board with him.  When I learned that he would not be able to run this year, I knew I had to run "for" him.  So I came up with the idea of the 4-H clover and wrote this on my hand -

It's a little smudged from the rain but it says "#Run3rd Dr. Bo".  He is a very inspirational man, and I was happy to do this for him.  I happened to see him the following week and he told what I did touched his heart..  I am happy to say that his latest tests show no signs of cancer!!

If you are unfamiliar with #Run3rd, it started as a Twitter campaign by actor Sean Astin, who is a long distance runner himself.  The meaning behind #Run3rd is that I first run for myself, second for my family, and third for you.  Members of the #Run3rd campaign often dedicate their runs to friends, family, and complete strangers.  If you want to find out more, check out their blog here.

Is there a race that is a tradition for you to run?  


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