Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy Week!

Hi readers!  ::waves::

It's been a busy week for me (hence the title of this post). 

With working 10 hour days I've been getting home late, making dinner, hanging out with the hubby and crashing.  So I apologize in advance for the length of this post.

I totally forgot to write about this the last time I posted!  So first a back story - growing up I was very active in my local 4-H club.  I joined 4-H in 5th grade partially because my mom was the county 4-H agent, but as I got older I truly enjoyed participating in the activities, such as being elected to my Junior and Senior District Board of Directors, District Project Achievement (DPA), going to summer camp, competing in lamb shows, speech competitions, and a number of other events.  I also served four summers as a Summer 4-H Camp Counselor at both Rock Eagle 4-H Center and Wahsega 4-H Center.  I won scholarships and also was chosen as a Georgia 4-H delegate to attend National 4-H Conference in Washington, DC, my senior year of high school.  Winning the scholarships and being a delegate earned me the title "Master 4-H'er".

 In my Freight Train 5k Recap post I mentioned running into Dr. Bo Ryles, who was the State 4-H Leader for Georgia during my time spent in 4-H.  Well, he contacted me last Friday and said that I was unanimously nominated to serve on the Master 4-H Board for the year.  I feel very honored to have been nominated and chosen to serve on this board.  They are introducing the new members this weekend at State 4-H Council, but unfortunately, I cannot attend because I am running in the Summer Break Block Party 5k.  I am looking forward to working with the other members on the board during the upcoming year.

Tuesday night I was supposed to run, but my stomach was not agreeing with me, so I did some leg exercises that I found on Pinterest awhile back.  Guinness thought I was trying to play.  Wednesday night I took Guinness for a mile walk, and Thursday I went bowing with J and his plumber training class that was in town.

Walkin' through the 'hood
 This morning I got up at around 8 and did a 2 mile was ROUGH.  It should not be close to 80 degrees that early in the morning!  I just hope it's not a reflection of how I will do tomorrow night in my race.

I have enjoyed my flex time off.  I did my run, and then spent a couple of hours with my neighbor at the pool.  It was so nice just to relax.  Came home and took a nap, then met Sharon at Big Peach Running to register for our 10k!!!!  It's in July, so I hope I can be ready by then.  I haven't really given myself a goal time for this race yet.  Once I do a couple more long runs I'll have a better idea of what time I'd like to finish in.  I also bought an Amphipod water bottle and a couple of samples of Nuun.  Guinness came with me and we went to The Barker Lounge for their second birthday.  Guinness got a pupcake and even made some artwork for us -

He was not exactly loving this :)

Finished product on display!
 They also had a raffle for various prizes, including a gift basket, free day care and boarding, tickets to the Bark at the Park Atlanta Braves game, and a few others.  We won 5 days of daycare!  I have been wanting to take him back to get him used to going so he doesn't get so scared when we drop him off, so this is a perfect prize for us. 

Tomorrow night Sharon and I are running our first night race - the Summer Break Block Party.  We'll be decked out in glow necklaces and bracelets :)  I'm hoping to beat my last PR so we'll see how the temperature and humidity is at 9:00 p.m. at night.  J is coming to cheer me on (I convinced him with the beer tent).

I'm doing a pretty good job on my Lose a Marathon Challenge - I've gone a week with no soda, I've been taking my lunch and making dinner, and exercising.  Hopefully I'll have a loss to report on our weigh-in on Monday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend - look for a race recap Sunday or Monday!

Until next time,



  1. I love the picture of Guinness doing the painting! lol!

    I'm doing The Glow Run 5k in August and it is at night and glowified! Looking forward to hearing about your race tonight!

  2. Fun times! looking forward to hearing about your race and how the challenge is going. You're doing great!!!


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