Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Things

Day 2 of the ToT training is done - another 30 minute run is in the books.  It's been so hot and humid in Georgia that I've been trying to wait as late as I can before I run.  It's a little harder to do that when I have a hungry husband who doesn't want to eat so late, though.  So last night I laced up and ran at 6:30 while he made us dinner. 

The run itself wasn't too bad.  I had to do a lot of walking, which pisses me off...I want to run all my intervals!!  I'm not sure if it's the weather or what, because I know I'm able to run the full time of my intervals, but it's very frustrating.  But I kept trucking.

I enjoy the convenience of running in my neighborhood because I don't have to drive anywhere - just step outside and get going.  But there are some negatives.  I have some people in my neighborhood who are only concerned about themselves.  I was running on Tuesday (forgot to mention this) and I came to the entrance of the neighborhood where there is a stop sign for cars to turn right or left (can't go straight).  I was already in the neighborhood and wanted to continue going straight, but this chick ran the stop sign and almost hit me.  I yelled "Nice stop!" to her.  I cannot run on our sidewalks because they're crooked and lean in towards the road, which is hard on my ankles and knees, so I run on the road as close to the side as I can.  There are some women in my neighborhood that will walk 3-4 people across the ENTIRE road while pushing their strollers and will barely move for a car, much less someone who is running.  I passed them on the right since that was the only opening I had.  Next time I think I'll go between then and yell "Passing on the left!" to make a point.

As soon as I walked in the house, J was coming inside with the BBQ chicken he cooked on the grill.  He also made homemade mac n cheese and baked beans and brought me a plate while I sat on the floor and iced my shins.  :)

So mad at myself!  I seem to have misplaced/lost my armband that I put my iPhone in.  The last place I remember having it was at the greenway on Saturday, and I swore I put it in my car, but it's not there.  Luckily, Karen over at Losing it is having a giveaway for one by BondiBand.  Maybe I'll get lucky and win it, but you can enter to win, too!

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting Sharon for our weekly run at the greenway.  Per the JG training I'm doing, tomorrow is a 3 mile day.  Hopefully this "cold" front that's moving through will cool the air down and not suffocate me in the morning.

For the weekend, I leave you with this final thought -

Keep rockin', ladies! (and any gents that might stumble upon here)  Enjoy your weekend, and get out there and run!

Until next time,



  1. I get so mad when cars don't fully stop at stop signs...and then they give you a look like its your fault. I always point to the stop sign or yell "nice stop," too, haha.

    I hope you find your armband!

  2. I have been known you yell and give hand gestures to people who can't seem to pay attention when they drive, so you aren't alone in your frustrations. Sorry to hear about the heat and not getting your running intervals in. The cold front hit Ohio, and boy is it chilly so hopefully GA cools of again soon.

  3. I hate getting annoyed while working out... it ruins all those happy endorphins you are supposed to be getting. I feel the same way when my kiddos start scrapping it out while I am on the treadmill... can't we all just get along, lol!


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