Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gobble Wobble 5k recap + Another Giveaway! (giveaway over)

So this past Sunday Sharon and I participated in the Gobble Wobble 5k.  It was a local race AND it started at 2 p.m., so it was nice not to have to wake up super early for a change.

It was held at the school that was sponsoring the event, and parking was less than desirable.  If you wanted to leave immediately after the 5k, you had to park in the grass.  Normally, this wouldn't be such a bad thing, but when people block you in AND they close off the road that you came in to park with, it doesn't make for a very easy exit.

It wasn't a chip timed race, so we had to depend on the time that we started.  The course was not my favorite...they just had us doing a lot of loops in and around the school and its parking lots.  There were a TON of kids there (which I understand since it was benefiting the school), but it made the first mile or so a little cumbersome in weaving around the kids that were walking 4 across.

I did enjoy the crowd support, even though I didn't have anyone particular cheering me on.  I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture, but they had some posterboards on stakes spread out around the course of pictures that some of the students drew.  One of my favorites was "Need motivation?  Imagine 10 million turkeys chasing after you".  They also had some thanking our veterans for their service, which I thought was awesome.

The course was hilly, but nothing too bad.  I didn't use an interval timer for this race...I just ran until I needed a break, gave myself a landmark to start running again, and did that through the whole race.  It seemed to work okay. 

As I rounded toward the finish line I knew I wasn't going to PR, but I wanted to make it under 36 minutes, and I did.

It wasn't a full 5k, but hey, that's not my fault!  :)  And my time matched what was on the timer as I crossed the finish line.  I ran my Nike+ app at the same time, and it was 0.2 miles off, so now I question all the other races I did with it.  Since getting my Garmin, I think it's time for Nike and I to part ways.

I've read other blogs about eating orange slices during and after a race, and I had never done so until the Gobble Wobble. slices are amazing after a run!!  I had 2, plus two Oreo's and two small bottles of water.  I made my way over to the fininsh line to wait for Sharon.  All in all it was a decent race, but not sure it's one that I would run again.  The shirts were cute, though!

The awesome ladies at Bondi Band were nice enough to provide me with one to test out.  I love the one they sent me!!
It holds true to what I always tell myself - run your own race...your race, your pace.  I loved wearing the Bondi Band.  It kept all of my small flyaway hairs out of my face, and also kept any sweat from running down into my eyes.  It stayed put the entire race, which was probably my biggest thumbs up.  I hate when my headbands slide off the back of my head, but these really stay put.

Not only did they send me one to review, but they also sent me two to give away!
Enter using Rafflecoper below.  The contest will run until midnight next Tuesday, November 20th, and I will announce two winners on Wednesday.  The two winners will have 48 hours to contact me.  Hopefully I can get them shipped out before Turkey Day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Has anyone registered for a race on Thanksgiving?  My mom found a Turkey Trot 5k up near their cabin, so my brother and I will be running in it Thanksgiving morning...we'll definitely be running for our lunch and dinner!

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  1. i love those shirts! they are so cute! Great job on your run! Next year I'm going to do a turkey trot! I need a garmin because I use Nike and I know its always wrong.. so lame!

  2. I doing a 5 miler on Thanksgiving. I am so excited about it. I always wanted to be one of "those people" that ran Thanksgiving morning! lol.

  3. Those shirts are so cute! I love getting long sleeve race shirts.
    I ran my first half marathon last Thanksgiving and I loved all the food I got to eat after without feeling guilty. I wish there was a race close by for me to run this year.
    Have fun earning your turkey!


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