Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Allstate 13.1 Atlanta recap

Now it’s time to do some catching up on race recaps!

The Allstate 13.1 was my last half marathon of 2013, and I had my eyes set on a PR.  Ramona, Jill, and myself all shared a hotel room near the start/finish line for easy access to and from the race…it was nice to sleep in a bit on race morning and be able to take a shower after it was over!

allstate 1 Flat Jen is ready to run!

We headed to the race and got lucky with a parking place right near the finish!  We met up with Brandi and her parents and did some pre-race stretching and hanging out. Soon it was time to head to the starting line.

allstate 3Brandi was shooting for a PR this race so we didn’t run together.  I started out and felt pretty good.  At the beginning of the race we wound through a few super nice neighborhoods in Brookhaven.  We passed a DJ who was keeping our spirits up.

allstate 4

Some of the houses we ran by were absolutely gorgeous.  It was nice to see the residents standing outside with their morning cup of coffee to cheer us on.

allstate 5

Soon I came up to mile 3 and still feeling pretty decent -allstate 6

We circled back up to the main street where there were quite a few spectators.  This race was during the government shutdown and this was one of my favorite signs -

allstate 8

I also saw this sign.  I knew it wasn’t for me, but since it IS my name I liked to think I was included :P

allstate 9

I continued along and finally hit mile 6…i was halfway done!

allstate 10

I plugged along through more neighborhoods, and at around mile 8 a Boy Scout troop was manning a water station.  They were giving out candy along with water which was a welcome treat!

allstate 11

It was here that I refilled my water bottle and went to take one of my Huma Gels.  It didn’t quite rip off enough at the top, and the hole was about as big as a pin top.  I guess I squeezed too hard and the Huma Gel busted out the bottom all over the top of my shirt.  It definitely made me laugh and I just hoped that no one would think I threw up on myself!

allstate 12

Shortly after I hit mile 10…just a 5k to go! -

allstate 14

At this point we were on a trail, which was nice and shaded.   We ended up in an apartment complex that was partially under construction, and this is the point where i started to hit my wall.  I walked a majority through the complex.  I was just ready to be done!

Finally, I made it back onto the main road and knew the finish line wasn’t too far.  I walked a bit to save some energy so I could run across the finish line.  I saw Ramona, her boyfriend and her friend, Kat, cheering, and I saw that I was going to PR!  I kicked it up, passed at least one person and crossed the finish line.

My official time was 3:10:53!  An 8 minute PR!

allstate 19I met up with Brandi and her parents at the finish line, and Ramona joined us.  Since Brandi and I had each completed the Publix half marathon in March, we were eligible to receive a 2nd medal, so we went to pick up our additional medal and shirt.

allstate 22

          allstate 20 allstate 16 

After the race, Ramona and I headed back to the hotel to shower and pack up to meet the rest of the group for brunch at the Hudson Grill.  I had some loaded tator tots…so good!

Would I do this race again?  Still debating on it.  The race has new sponsorship this year (Michelob) but seems to be in the same place and hopefully the same route.  I’ll think about it and decide when I go to the Publix half marathon expo in March…maybe I’ll sign up there.

Until next time,

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  1. This sounds like a great race (and love the fact the your hotel was right near the start). That always makes things less stressful. Cut running outfit and a huge congrats to you on a new PR!

  2. Great job on that shiny new PR! I might need to find my way up to Atlanta for some races soon. I'll actually be nearby this weekend to visit family and plan to get in a 10 mile training run.

  3. omg, too funny. I stopped and got a picture with that sign (the government shut down but your body wont). Im in the ATL and a GGS sister. We should connect!



  4. Love the medal! Great job on your PR!

  5. 8 minute PR!!! You are badass!! Nice work, love the outfit too!


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