Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Volunteering and Spectating At My First Race!

Back in October, I found out about a half marathon that would run right past my neighborhood and knew that I wanted to go out and support the runners.  But then I thought to take it one step further and volunteer.  I contacted the race director and helped out with packet pick up at Big Peach Running.

Ramona had a few friends who were also running the race, so she and her boyfriend decided to join me in spectating.  I decided to make us a couple of signs to hold up as they ran by -

halloween half 3 halloween half

Saturday morning I got up pretty early and headed out to set our chairs up.  The half marathon was starting first, followed by the 5k.  We saw lots of great costumes!

halloween half 5 halloween half 4

While we waited for the half marathons to pass us again on their way to the finish line, we chatted and goofed off. 

halloween half 9 halloween half 8

I loved the first couple of half marathoners costumes – a guy from Reno 911 and none other than Forrest Gump -

halloween half 6 halloween half 7

We had some Skittles and Twizzlers for any runner that wanted them for an extra little sugar rush.  Once we saw the last runner pass, we jumped in my car and headed down to the finish line.

halloween half 10 halloween half 11

I had a great time volunteering and spectating and am looking forward to doing it again.  Next year, I’m hoping to get more people in my neighborhood involved to give the runners more support.

Have you volunteered and/or spectated a race before?  Which do you prefer?

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  1. That looks like a great race in your town! Love the Forrest Gump! I've been a spectator at many races (watching my sister run). I've only volunteered at one and it was a Disney race and it was spectacular. I would definitely volunteer there again if I wasn't running!

  2. Love the Forrest Gump costume!! I have spectated races before, but haven't volunteered yet. I plan to change that soon though!

  3. I spectated my first marathon this past Sunday and blogged about it too! I had a wonderful time doing it! I'm looking forward to doing it again and even volunteering next time around!

    Love all those costumes too! Too funny!

  4. I love doing both- volunteering and spectating! It's really fun.

    Love your sign!

  5. Spectating is just as fun as running!!!

  6. Spectating and volunteering is so much fun. I really enjoy it and hope to do it more often!


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