Friday, December 4, 2015

Atlanta Halloween Half Marathon & 5k

Just a week after the Fast Pace Race I was set to run the 5k portion of the Atlanta Halloween half marathon and 5k race.  This race was also about 1.5 miles from my house (it starts and ends at the Cumming Fairgrounds) so getting there didn’t take long at all.

Ramona and I spectated the race during its first year in 2013, and I was familiar with the half marathon course as I used to drive most of it to and from work.  I was unable to run it in 2014 since it was the same day as the Atlanta 10 miler, so this year I decided to give the 5k a whirl.

Halloween race 3 Decided that since it was Halloween weekend that I would rep Orangetheory Fitness Cumming (after all…their signature color is…well…orange)

I headed down to the race and hung out with my OTF friends who were working our table.  Coach Fox led the pre-race warm up and got everyone loose and ready to run.  I was able to meet up with my friend, Kristen, and her mom, Jackie, and catch up with them for a bit.  We watched the half marathon runners start their race and hung out for a bit before lining up for the 5k.

About 30 minutes later it was our turn to start.  This was another course that I knew fairly well since we drive it frequently.  I had also done some training runs on it so I knew what to expect…a nice uphill start!  I felt strong and stuck with my intervals.  One thing that keeps me engaged while I run is to pick a person in front of me and make it my goal to pass them.  Once I’ve achieved it, it’s time to pick another.  I spent the race doing just that.  The turnaround point for the 5k was actually at the front of my neighborhood.  Oh how tempting it was to run home, but I kept going.

Halloween Race 12Halloween Race 11 
                              (photo credit to Becky)

This race was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be for me…I was worried that the hill would wear me down fast and I would be slow for the rest of the race, but I felt great and was even 6 seconds away from a PR!  It was fun to come up on the finish line and see Coach Fox cheering me on – I think he might have told me I was at an “All Out”?

Halloween race 2                                                   (photo credit: True Speed Photo)

It was a fantastic race for me!  They gave out medals for the 5k as well as the half marathon -

Halloween race 9 Halloween race 10

I joined Coach Fox and we cheered as more runners came to the finish line….the race photographer even got a picture of us :)

Halloween raceWe were super excited to see one of our OTF Cumming members, Debbie, finish her first 5k!  She placed 3rd in her age group and she credits OTF for helping her prepare for the race.  We were crazy proud of her!

Halloween race 6
I also got to see Kristen and Jackie finish the race :)

Halloween race 7 Halloween race 8

I thought the race was well organized, it started on time, and the shirts were super cute!  i didn’t stay for too long as I had to get to Orangetheory Fitness for work, but I cheered on the half marathoners as I drove home from the race….that course is not easy but they were doing a great job!

If you’re looking for a fun Halloween race next year, check this one out!

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