Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Where Have I Been?!?!

Well hello there!

I realize it's been over a year since my last blog can't believe I let it sit idle for so long! BUT - I have a great excuse...

At the end of June 2016, my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child!  The first (and only) race I ran during my pregnancy was a week later at the 2016 Peachtree Road Race.

Luckily, my pregnancy was pretty real complications...but having hypertension caused my doctors to strongly discourage me from continuing to run and work out during the pregnancy.

Back in January, we headed to Walt Disney World on our "babymoon" (yes, I see some of you rolling your eyes at that term)

We happened to be there during Marathon weekend and spectated the marathon in EPCOT.  It was a lot of fun cheering on the runners and many of my friends during the race, and it validated what I had been thinking about for quite some time...when registration for the 2018 runDisney marathon weekend rolled around, this happened -

Yep...not only did I sign up for my first full marathon, but I'm going for the Goofy Challenge!  I'm crazy excited and scared to death at the same time, but I have some amazingly supportive friends and family and an equally crazy friend who will be by my side every step of both's going to be a tough, but fun journey!

And, on March 4th, we welcomed our son into the world!

I'll be checking in with my training, products I've found to be helpful, and planning our first trip as a family of 3 to Disney World! It's time to dust off the cobwebs and keep you guys in the loop (if anyone even still reads my blog!)

More to come soon!


  1. Congratulations on that sweet bundle of joy! Missed seeing your posts....and wishing you happy training for Goofy...I'm running the Marathon this year. Looking forward to hearing about your training!

  2. Congratulations! I love that you guys took a babymoon! Best of luck with your training plan!


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