Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Week in Running

I feel like I've been a bad blogger and bad blogger friend - I'm so sorry I haven't blogged or commented on many blogs this week!!  I'll try to do a better job of it.

To catch you up, I had my first run after my 5K last Wednesday.  Sharon and I met at the greenway and did a short 2 mile run.  I took Guinness with me to see how he would do, and he is SOOO not ready to go running with me.  Sharon went ahead and the whole time Guinness ran and pulled me to get back up to her.  So most of the "run" we ended up walking.  On our way back, I ended up pissing off a cyclist and I felt horrible.  Guinness moved to the other side of the boardwalk and a cyclist came barreling towards us.  My attempt to pull Guinness back over to my side fast enough failed, and the guy had to stop.  I apologized over and over and could tell he REALLY wanted to lay into me, but he was nice enough not to and just kept going.

My dad had surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff Thursday morning.  We had a nice chat the evening before because I knew he wouldn't feel like talking on the phone for a few days after.  He mentioned some books he wanted so I bought them off Amazon and had them shipped to their house.  He's doing well with his recovery.  He's a teacher so he has the whole summer off, but it's not as much fun when you're trying to recover from surgery.

Our next run day was Saturday morning.  We decided to meet pretty early to try and beat the heat...yeah...that didn't work.  I know that it's a rule of thumb that your minute/mile should slow down by one minute when it's so hot, and that's about how my run turned out to be.  At least I got out there and finished it...without the dog this time.

Memorial Day weekend was pretty low key.  I did some cleaning around the house, grocery shopping, and J fixed our a/c unit that stopped working AGAIN!!  Thankfully it could be repaired and not replaced, so he saved us about $3,000.  Sunday we slept in and then went shopping for luggage since we need a new set.  My oldest younger brother (does that make sense?) came over Sunday night for dinner.  He'd never seen our house so he came by to check it out.  We had steak, my first attempt at ribs (not too bad but needs some work), potatoes and grilled corn.  Monday we shopped for luggage (again) and went to our friend's house for a big Memorial Day dinner.  Our pups played hard and crashed out.

 One of my more exciting parts of the weekend was that we got our dates set in stone for our Hawaiian vacation next February!  We'll be spending 10 days between the big island of Hawai'i and O'ahu.  We have been before (we actually got engaged there back in 2008) but this trip we wanted to see a different island, so we chose "the big island" to check out the volcano.  I think I'm driving J a little crazy since I'm already trying to plan, but that's just the way I am :)  We will get home exactly a WEEK before we head to Orlando for the Princess half!!  At least a week is long enough to recover from jet lag and being in a different time zone.

Yesterday I started the Tower of Terror training.  I'm not running this race (even though I wish I could join my friends Amanda and Jody, who are running), I found that the training schedule for it is pretty close to when I am running a 10K and a 15K, so I thought it would be a good base for me to start upping my miles.  It has you run 30 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday, then on Saturdays you run a set number of miles.  Last night's run was decent, except it was soooo humid...even at 8:00 at night!  I ran 2.3 miles in 27 minutes (yes, not quite 30 minutes...I know...) I was JUST under the 12 minute/mile mark, and I know I can do better, so I plan to aim for that on Thursday.

Whew!  Sorry for the wordiness of the blog...this is why I need to blog more often.  :)  I promise to do a better job of it.  And a shout out to the bloggess's that I follow.  You are all doing such amazing things and I know you will continue to rock the trainings and races that you're doing.

Does anyone have any luggage recommendations that we could look into?  J doesn't like the "spinner" wheels.  And if anyone has any suggestions for things to do on "the big island" please feel free to share.

Until next time,


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  1. No luggage recommendations from me, sorry! I have had the same set since we got married in 2005 (and although it's still functional, a few things are not pretty anymore). Glad you've been keeping busy, having fun and found a training plan! I am looking forward to getting one of those myself in a month (maybe two). P.S. You are a great blogger friend ;)


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