Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Running with the Pup

Sorry I've been absent!  Honestly, after my run last Tuesday after softball, I slacked off majorly.  I know...bad runner!!  We went up to the cabin and spent the weekend relaxing, and the last thing I wanted to do was run (even though I took all my running stuff with me, it stayed in the bag).

So last night I decided that I would go for a quick one mile run, and take Guinness along with me.  I have the Vinings Downhill 5K next Saturday, and a sticky situation comes with it.  Guinness will be spending 2 weeks with my parents while J and I vacation in Minnesota.  I plan to take him down after the race, but J has a paintball tournament on the same day, and I don't want to drive down to Vinings, then back up to my house to get the pup, then 1.5 hours down to my parents.  I don't have anyone that can watch him while I run.  So....the plan is for Guinness to run the race with me.

Guinness gets a bit of leash time, but not nearly enough.  He's curious and likes to sniff EVERYTHING.  Last night he did pretty good as I tried to keep him away from the edge of the street.  Our biggest problem comes when we meet another dog.  He goes CRAZY - pulling me all over the place.  I know the other dog owners thought I didn't want him to have anything to do with their dogs (which isn't the case) - I just want to teach him to ignore them while we're running!

So we only went a mile, but other than encountering the other dogs, Guinness did pretty well!  We did a 10:56 mile, which isn't too bad.  Maybe him pulling me along will make my time better! :)

I also ran for the first time with the new compression holster shorts.  It wasn't too bad...the pistol stayed put and didn't move around a lot.  I plan to run with it today on my 4 mile run and see how it does then.  I did have to rip the size tag out as it was rubbing and poking my skin.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I'll try to do better about being more consistent with my posts.  I just don't want to post for the sake of posting when I don't have much to say. :)

Anyone have any tips for "training" your dog to run with you?

Until next time,



  1. Yay! Dogs are the best running partners! He'll likely get better at ignoring the other dogs with some more practice!

  2. hey nice blog... follwed you.. hope you follow me also ;)


  3. I run with my dog, too! She loves it and doesn't stop much along the side of the road anymore but it was hard to break her of that. Have a great 5K!! :0)


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