Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Favorites

We've got a little cold front moving through this weekend, and it makes me excited that fall is just around the corner.  Soo...I thought I'd share a few things that I'm looking forward to this fall -

College Football
I absolutely LOVE college football season, and the season is in full swing.  As I write this, I'm watching the UGA/Missouri game (update...they won 41-20!).  If we're home, we usually spend Saturdays with college football on TV all day.  This year we'll be heading up to Columbia, SC for the UGA/South Carolina game.

We have a Keurig at home, which I LOVE having, but if we're out and about I always enjoy a coffee from Starbucks.  I know the huge hype is their Pumpkin Spice latte, but I'm not a pumpkin fan, so my go-to is a skinny vanilla latte. 

I really enjoy sitting by the fire and reading, watching TV, playing online, or just hanging out.  When we go to the cabin in the winter, building a fire is one of the first things we do.  It's also fun to roast marshmallows and make s' going outside and getting cold!

You can tell more so on my friend, Jessica, than me, but we're both wearing hoodies, and they're probably one of my favorite things to wear when it starts to get cool outside.  Snuggling up on the couch with some flannel pajama pants and a hoodie?  Gotta love it.

Soups...stews...chowders...chili...fall is the perfect time to drag those cookbooks out and find your favorite recipes.  I love a good chili while watching football, and a crock pot soup is great for those nights you don't want to cook and have it ready when you get home.  I can't wait to start making some of our favorites, and I will gladly share the recipes with you guys!

And finally...

Cooler Weather to Run In!!!

The above picture is a bit of an exaggeration for me considering I live in Georgia and we don't get snow very often, but it does show that I'm very much looking forward to cooler weather to run in.  The heat and humidity can get horrible here and I cannot wait to be able to go outside and not immediately start to sweat as soon as I walk out the door.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up bright and early to knock out my longest run yet - 8 miles.  I have my 15K next Sunday and need to get a few more miles in beforehand.  I have a goal for myself so hopefully I can achieve it.  Monday is the appointment with my orthopedist for my knee, so fingers crossed it's nothing too serious.

Hope everyone got out at some point and Sweat Pink this weekend!!

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  1. Im excited for cooler running weather..until the snow hits that is :)


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