Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Heart Mail

I get so excited when I see a package on the front porch or an envelope in the mail (with the exception of bills and junk), and this week I got a couple of very cool items when I came home from work.

First, I got my official Sweat Pink gear!

Do you Sweat Pink?
I will be sporting my Sweat Pink tank tomorrow during my 15k and get the word out there, as well as my pink shoelaces.  You know I had to immediately lace them up.

You shoelaces make you run faster.   True fact!  ;)  I'll be holding a giveaway soon so that I can share the Sweat Pink love with my awesome readers, so keep yours eyes peeled!

A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway over at Alexandra's blog, Pop Fit Life, for Adora, a calcium supplement cleverly hidden in chocolate.  HELLO!  I know that I don't get the amount of calcium that I need (I got a lecture about this in Minnesota from my grandmother, who is also a nurse).  What better way to get some calcium into my body than by eating chocolate!  I was the lucky winner and received these this week -

I don't normally like dark chocolate but these were really good.  J broke into them before I had a chance to, and he liekd them as well.

Today I spent the day at a paintball field watching J and his paintball team play in a tournament.  They did decent - they came in 2nd place.  I got a little sunburn on half of my legs...good thing I only wear shorts on the weekend.  i saw the cutest shirt at the tournament -

Such a girl power shirt :)  Love it! 
As I mentioned earlier, tomorrow is my first 15k race, and I'm a little nervous about it, especially after my episode I had last week after my 8 mile run.  I've tried really hard to do a good job of hydrating today with Powerade and water, and I'm trying a new type of food for my carb loading tonight - 

After I took a bite I thought to take a picture for the blog :) 

If you have any spare positive vibes available, please send them my way tomorrow morning at around 7:30 a.m. EST.  I'll definitely be Sweating Pink!  Recap to come either tomorrow night or Monday about the race.

Until next time,



  1. I love the pink! Looking forward to hearing about your race, you rock star you!

  2. Awh! Yay! So glad ur gear came in time for the race!! I'll be praying it goes well!!! Spa love!

  3. I love getting things in the mail too! I also got my sweat pink tank top and shoelaces this week :)

  4. i loveeee getting maillllll! It is seriously so much fun! I try and race to be the first person to get to the mailbox haha. Sweat Pink Girl!


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