Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's the Final Countdown!

I've had a great couple of days at Disney, and as I lay in my bed at the Art of Animation typing a quick blog post, I glance over to my race outfit, all nice and laid out, my nerves are starting to rattle a bit. I'm coming to the realization that the very race I started training for close to a year ago has finally arrived.

I know I can's more of the anticipation and not exactly knowing what to expect.  I know it's going to be an incredible experience and one that I won't soon forget.  It's my first half and I'm sure the pre-race jitters will go away when I arrive at the starting line and hear the Fairy Godmother send us off.

I'll be posting pictures and posting to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram throughout the race (or as long as my phone stays alive) and will have lots to tell you next week.

My next post will come from a half marathoner!!

Until next time,



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