Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Anniversary Trip

Hubby and I have been married 5 years now…my how the time flies by!
formals (60) reception (108)
(photos by David and Jess Photography)
We got married on Pensacola Beach and have returned every year for the past 5 years to celebrate our anniversary.  This year was no different!
We started off our anniversary with breakfast at the Bodacious Brew, a new coffee shop and breakfast place I found that I wanted to try.  The Bodacious Grits were great, and ya gotta love latte art :)
After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel hubby had stayed in the night before (he did some business down in FL and I had flown in that morning).  We checked out and headed over to Jackson’s Steakhouse, where we met my friend, Kristin, for lunch.  Why did we choose this restaurant?  The first martini is on the house at lunch…that’s enough to rope us in!
After lunch we said goodbye to Kristin and headed to the beach for awhile.
We finally checked into our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express Pensacola Beach, at around 5 and got ready to head to our anniversary dinner at The Global Grill.  Hubby is always trying to get me to try new foods (I can be a little picky…) and he definitely succeeded at dinner.  We had sheepshead fish, Carpaccio, Brussels sprouts in a Gouda cheese sauce, and….
Rabbit livers.  Yes, I said rabbit livers.  I was VERY hesitant, but our waiter insisted it was one of the best things on the menu and explained to me how they were prepared, so I reluctantly agreed.  But…they were actually really good!  They soak them in buttermilk which helps to pull a lot of the gamey flavors out of it, breaded them in cornmeal and fried them, then put them on a thin crouton with an aioli sauce.  I think I even ate 3 of them.  And for dessert, carrot cake with pumpkin ice cream.
If you’re ever in the Pensacola area, I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant.  Just be sure you make reservations…it stays full every night.
Saturday we got up and headed out to the beach for the morning.  We had a late lunch at a new restaurant on Pensacola Beach, Red Fish Blue Fish
Then we headed to see the Pensacola Blue Wahoo's play the Mississippi Braves in some Double A minor league baseball!
PB9 PB11PB10
We were the ONLY ones in the stadium cheering for the Braves, but they won!
PB12 PB13 
Sunday morning we packed up and headed to lunch at hubby’s favorite restaurant, Peg Leg Pete’s.  He was still on the kick of making me try things, so he ordered a half dozen Buffalo Blue baked oysters.
They weren’t half bad :)  I had red beans and rice and he had a fish sandwich.  After lunch we headed home.  We lucked out and had gorgeous weather the entire time we were there and missed the heavy rains and flooding by 2 days!  I’m already looking forward to heading back next year.
Do you have an anniversary tradition with your significant other?
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  1. Our anniversary tradition is going to a Braves game either on or sometime around that day. We started it about 3 or 4 yrs ago. :)

  2. Happy anniversary Jen! We also got married in FL!
    I would also be hesitant about the rabbit livers but would definitely be all over the pumpkin ice cream! Glad you enjoyed it all!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! My hubby and I also were married on a beach :0)

    Your trip sounds like so much fun and full of delicious food! Sometimes it can be fun trying new foods... though I have to say I am like you, I can be picky too!

  4. Rabbit Livers... did I read that right? Oh mercy...

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  5. Sounds like a great anniversary trip! The hubs and I are going on 3 years this fall and our tradition is to stay somewhere new. 1 year was Ireland and 2 years was a brewery tour of places we had yet to try. And of course we make time every year to visit the place we got married on the North Shore.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  6. The waiters probably have a standing bet to see who can sale more rabbit livers. ;)

    Happy Anniversary. So glad you were married in April 2009. Love ya!


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