Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekly Workouts – May 19-26

I totally kept forgetting to post last week’s workouts, so instead of Foodie Friday we are doing my Weekly Workouts.  Foodie Friday will return next week!

I’m back on the bandwagon folks!

I’ve sat on the sidelines and made excuses for way too long.  I’ve got some runs coming up that I want to be prepared for, and it’s not gonna happen sitting on the couch!

Monday – had a girls sushi night with a friend, so no workout

Tuesday – 2 mile run with Guinness

Wednesday – 30 minute arm workout followed by a 1 mile run with Guinness once I got home

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Arms and abs in the gym, followed by a 1 mile run when I got home

Saturday – 1 mile walk around the neighborhood with Guinness and hubby

Sunday – 2 mile run…trying out some new intervals

Monday – 2 mile run with my friend, Zoila!

I feel I had a good week of training and I’m ready to hit it again this week!

Until next time,

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  1. Sushi is delicious :0) Great job this week!

  2. Great job Jen! Have a good weekend!


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