Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Workouts : March 16-22

Had some good, solid workouts this week!  That paired with some themed days at the gym and my first real run since the Atlanta half marathon back in November made for a great week!

Monday, March 16


Tuesday, March 17
Since today was St. Patrick’s day, we were all encouraged to wear green (of course!)  I had a friend in town for work and I managed to drag her to the gym with me.  I think she’s finally done cursing my name, but she said she enjoyed the workout!

3.17.2015 OTF green

Wednesday, March 18
Rest day

Thursday, March 19
Today was deemed “Crazy Sock Day” in honor of me, since I always wear a pair of my PRO Compression socks to class!  I think I’ve worn just about every pair I own, so I decided to go mismatched today

3.19.2015 OTF socks

Friday, March 20
I’m not saying this to make up excuses, but I honestly think my heart rate monitor was malfunctioning.  I would be booking it on the treadmill and my heart rate would go down instead of up.  Regardless, I was putting in my time in the gym which is better than sitting at home doing nothing, right?


Saturday, March 21
More issues with my heart rate monitor.  We had a lot of exercises that required us to be on the floor, and for whatever reason my body/heart rate monitor don’t like that, so my numbers always seem to drop.  Hopefully we can figure out what’s going on with it.  I’m such a numbers person when it comes to OTF and I hate seeing so much in the blue…more green and orange please!

After I got home from the gym, I parked by the pool and did a mile run…my first real run since I ran the Atlanta half marathon (recap coming soon).  With a little peer pressure I registered for half marathon #13 and, since it’s in 5 weeks, I figured I should probably put some miles in on the pavement.  I did 2 miles at the gym and did one more once I got home.  I didn’t think it was too shabby for it being my first run in close to 5 months!

OTF 3.22.2015

Later that evening I met up with some awesome friends for dinner.  They were running the Georgia Publix half marathon the next morning and needed to carbload.  I seriously regretted not registering for this year as it has a fantastic course with so much support along the way.  I’m contemplating signing up during the blitz for next year’s race so I don’t miss out!  Love these ladies!

publix half girls 2015

Sunday, March 22
Rest day

Overall I was pleased with my workouts and I’m actually looking forward to getting out and running again this week :)

What’s your favorite way to carbload before a race?

Until next time,

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  1. Great job Jen! I'm happy to see posts about OTF! I'm an OTF "junkie" and really credit them for getting me through my first marathon in January without hitting any type of "wall" and being able to walk around that afternoon and the next day without any issue! Keep up the great work and the inspiring posts!


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