Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Sorry I've been such a slacker on the blogging!  It's been a busy few days, but I'll catch ya up and do better about it this week.  Guinness got a fuzzy little hedgehog from J and I for Easter.  How much  ya wanna bet the squeaker's dead in five minutes and the stuffing is out in ten?

So Thursday J got home from his business trip to West Palm Beach (tough, right?)  I got home from work, gave him a kiss, and laced up to go for my Week 3, Day 3 C25K training run.  Today was good - I went one tenth of a mile farther than Tuesday and I just felt overall good after I was done. Oh!  And I got my first "runner's wave" know, when you're running around a track and meet a runner going in the opposite direction and they give you a little wave?  Geeky, but made me feel good!  I hit a wall after dinner and went to bed shortly after (which is why I never got around to blogging about it!)

Friday was an off day, so Saturday morning I got up bright and early and met my friend Sharon, who is also training to do some 5Ks, 10Ks, and the Disney Princess half.  We like to meet up at Fowler Park and run on one of their paths.  We warmed up together and then did our own thing as we were on different days of the C25K workout.  Today was another good run - I added yet another tenth of a mile to my total and "ran" into this on the final leg -

A hot air balloon landed in my way on the walking path!  I have always wanted to go up in one and to run right next to it was pretty stinkin' cool.  After our training Sharon and I chatted a bit, then headed in our separate ways.  I spent the rest of the day running errands with J, then we met some friends at Andretti Indoor Karting and Games to visit, have some drinks, and watch their son drive on the Junior Track.  We didn't drive this time, but it looks like a lot of fun to do!

Today was another off day of running and, unfortunately, J woke up sick so I've been playing nurse.  We did take Guinness to the dog park to get some energy out, and I visited with the neighbors while J got some rest on the couch this afternoon.  After a tasty dinner of Atlanta Bread Company, we're chilling on the couch watching some TV. 

I'm feeling like I may have pulled a ligament or tendon in my foot.  I know it's not the new shoes because it was hurting before I got them.  I'm debating on getting it checked out because I don't want to injure myself this early in my training. 

My company finally got rid of our business casual dress code and went to a more casual one.  Jeans to work everyday?  Yes please!  Tomorrow is another run day, so I'll be hitting the pavement after work.  I'm getting to the point where I actually enjoy getting to run!  Is it possible that I could actually be on my way to becoming a **gasp** runner?!?!

Until next time,



  1. Honey... You should be more careful... You cracked the pavement ;-)


  2. Great job running & Happy Easter!!!

  3. Hooray for cool weather and hot air balloons! Go Jen, Go!

  4. Careful with aches and pains. Try ice and rest and elevation first, but if you don't improve or it gets worse you should get it checked out!


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