Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pushing Through the Pain

Today I decided to skip using my C25K app and instead try out a new Interval Timer app that I downloaded.  I hope to use this during my 5K on Saturday and wanted to give it a shot.  I programed it to run 5:1 intervals.  With the C25K it always has you start off with a 5 minute walk, but today I just stretched and jumped right into the running part.  I think I may need to walk at least the first one or two minutes just to warm myself up.

As my run went on I started to feel that dreaded pain almost all runners experience at least once - SHIN SPLINTS.  OMG it was soooooo painful to run.  I had to stop for 30 seconds or a minute here and there during my run, but for the most part I kept going.  I finished 3.08 miles in just under 38 minutes.  I was almost in tears when I got home...I think I'm going to rest my legs and not do another run until my race this weekend.  If anyone has any tips to help soothe my ailing shins please leave a comment!!

Speaking of my first race, I found a GREAT article posted on the C25K Facebook page called 9 Race-Day Tips for Your First 5K courtesy of Active.com.  It's got some great information so I definitely urge you to check it out if you're training for your first 5K.

I am headed to bed.  Along with my shins screaming at me, my stomach isn't feeling quite right either.  Hoping some sleep will make it better.

I'll leave you with this, as it's something that I have to keep reminding myself.

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  1. I read that article too, via twitter, and thought it was great! Thanks for sharing it! Hope you shins feel better soon. Not fun at all. Maybe you need a post-vaca massage ;)

  2. Shin splints are the WORST. And unlike your calves or your quads, they're not an easy area to stretch. I find that applying ice or running cold water over them for a few minutes immediately after a run helps. As a preventative measure, I do "toe alphabets" once a day. Using your toes, trace out the letters of the alphabet then repeat on the other foot. Helps stretch out and warm up those shins.

    That poster saying rings true, doesn't it? At the end of good run, it's usually the distance, not the time, that gives us that feeling of accomplishment :)

  3. Thanks for posting that article. I'm running my first 5k since high school a week from Saturday! Shin splints are horrible. I had them a while back. I changed shoes and they got much better. I don't know if that was the problem or my muscles got stronger?? Just a thought.

  4. Get some cheap paper cups, like the ones you use in the bathroom. Fill them with water and freeze them. Once you get done with a run, take a cup out, tear the paper cup down to expose the ice and then rub down your shins. Careful not to do it too long, but just rub it up and down for a couple of minutes. Hopefully that will help.

    Be careful about these as they can lead to stress fractures or be stress fractures...

    Wearing the correct shoes is one of the best ways to stop these pains too. Having a proper fitting will get you the right shoes and it will help with these aches and pains.

    Good luck with your race, I'm sure you'll do fine.


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