Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running on Mother Nature's time....

Bleh.  After getting only 5 hours of sleep Monday night, I was DRAGGING by the end of the workday and really didn't want to run.  But...skipping a day wasn't going to help me improve (and the forecast calls for rain for most of the day Wednesday), so as soon as I got home, I quickly changed clothes, took the pup out, and started my run.

Remember me talking about my 409 ladies?  Well...we decided that we are going to do a "virtual marathon" in a month.  We are recording our runs/walks and in a month, we should all have done a marathon.  Wednesday is the official first day, but some of us started a day early.

I decided to forego the C25K training today and just see what my time would be if I ran a 5K tomorrow.  I chose to run up into the neighborhood next door, then back down to my neighborhood.  As I got about halfway through my run, I heard a clap of thunder.  Great...I'm gonna have to cut my run short and have my neighbor come pick me up, I thought to myself as I was running.  I kept pushing through and made it back into my neighborhood.  At least if the rain comes it will motivate me to run faster and get home!  I pushed on and by the time I started the last leg of my run, the rain started to come down - just a little drizzle, which I could handle.

I made it home and no more than 5 minutes after I walked in the door, the bottom dropped out of the clouds and it began to pour.  I felt good about pushing myself to run the distance of a 5K.  I was able to finish it in just under 39 minutes...not too bad! 

Today is an off day, and I have a lot to do - work my 8 hours, run to get G some more dog food, home for a few, then off to Taco Mac to say farewell to a coworker that's leaving.  Then back home, do some laundry, and pack a few last minute things...I'm headed to meet J at the beach tomorrow night for the weekend! 

Happy running guys!

Until next time,



  1. I love the virtual marathon idea! I know that felt great to finish and beat the rain!

    What app is that you are using? My iPhone will be here today and I've been trying to decide which app I want to use for my workouts.

    1. I use the free version of Map My can pre-plan a run or just have it record you as you run, you can "Go Live" and people can watch your progress (great for friend stalked me as I ran yesterday), you can set it to record your splits, and a voice comes on and tells you when you've gone a certain length (you can pick the setting). I really like the app...let me know if you download it and we'll friend each other :)

  2. Congratulations on the great 5K!


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