Saturday, April 14, 2012

Play Ball!

Can I just say how excited I am that baseball season is here?  J invited me to go to the home opener of the Gwuinnett Braves Thursday night with his training class, and it was a lot of fun - despite the fact that it was chillly and J was sick.

Watching the G Braves from the Party Deck
 Friday I left work early to get ready for our tailgate at the Atlanta Braves home opener.  I had hopes of getting a run in before leaving, but ran out of time.  We had a great time, and we had great seats.  Everyone even won a free burrito from Moe's when Brian McCann hit a 3-run homer!  And they came out with a win, 10-8.

Today, I went with my friend, Sharon, back to Big Peach Running so she could get fitted for running shoes!

Since I didn't think to take pictures when I had my analysis, Sharon was kind enough to let me take pictures during hers.  (Thanks Sharon!)  We found that she overpronates a bit and picked a new pair of Nikes as her "Glass Slipper".  She was even able to order them with her absolute FAVORITE color....PURPLE!  I bought a Run ATL shirt and a sample of Nuun to try out.  Afterward we went to Academy and bought some new running apparel.  I also bought a couple of packs of Sports Beans and Gu - even though I'm not running super long distances right now, I want to see if I like the products before I buy them or go to a race where they are handed out.

J has been at a paintball tournament today so it was nice to have a morning with the girls and then an afternoon with the pup.  We went to the dog park, where he managed to get muddy, so it was off to a bath when we got home.

A couple of weeks ago a fellow blogger, Tess, over at Because I Want To... (check her out!) had a giveaway for a Road ID bracelet, so I thought I'd enter and give it a shot, and I won!  So today when I checked the mail, I found this in the mailbox -

Yippee!!  It came!  The guys that own Road ID have such an awesome sense of humor.  Their confirmation emails and shipping emails had me cracking up.  The humor continued with the envelope -

My handy little pull tab broke, but I resisted the urge to grab the scissors and just ripped it open with my fingers o' steel.  And here is my RoadID bracelet -

 The purpose of the RoadID bracelet is to have emergency contacts if something was to happen to you while running, biking, walking, etc.  I think it's a great idea because if you're unresponsive paramedics or the person that discovers you has information to let loved ones know what has happened.  Since I'm planning on running the Disney Princess Half Marathon as my first half ever, I put the motivational quote "Run Like A Princess" at the bottom.  I settled on a black band because it will go with anything I decide to wear, but they also sell the bands in different colors so you can switch the information onto another color bracelet.  I may get more in the future :)

I am off to bed.  Meeting Sharon in the morning for a run.  Hopefully I can push myself since I haven't been able to run since Wednesday. 

Until next time,


**The opinions of RoadID are my own - I received the bracelet in a giveaway and think it's a great product**


  1. I'm so glad you like it as much as I do! It's so silly that a little bracelet makes me feel better. I'm so excited for baseball season! I'm even running a 5k in Angels stadium!

    1. That's awesome about the 5K - There's one for the Braves in June but it's full :( thanks again for the bracelet!

  2. Congrats on winning the RoadID - I always carry identification with me when I go out. ID, insurance cards, extra cash just in case, etc...better safe than sorry!


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