Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wine and Dine Trip – Day 2

More fun at Disney!!

I left off after the hubby and I finished up my mini shopping spree at the expo.  We went back to the room to drop off my new purchases and then headed to EPCOT for the day!


We decided to head over to The Living Seas and ride the Finding Nemo ride, but first we detoured to say hi to Chip and Dale :)


Let me take a Shelfie!


We walked over and did Living with the Land, then headed to meet some pretty popular characters :)

WD188 WD203 WD205 
We had Fast Passes to go on Test Track and Mission Space as did a friend of mine, so we met her and her brother for a quick ride.  Then we headed over to World Showcase to find some lunch.  They hit up a couple of the Food & Wine Festival kiosks while we checked out the Tangierine Cafe in the Morocco pavilion.  I had my very first falafel wrap (super good!) and the hubby had a plate full of chicken and lamb.  We both enjoyed our lunches and were ready to check out more of the park.  Since we were already in Morocco we stopped by to say hi to Princess Jasmine :)  I guess Aladdin and Abu were getting into some mischief ;)

I checked out what other characters would be out and about in World Showcase and we saw that Mulan was, so we headed over to China to jump in line to see her

WD31 WD42

We met back up with my friends at the Germany pavilion.  While doing some research of the Food & Wine Festival I came across a German grapefruit beer and knew that I HAD to try it.  It got two thumbs up from Meredith and myself, and I was even able to find it back home…SCORE!


We headed back into Future World, but not before getting a couple of pictures made with Spaceship Earth (doesn’t hubby look thrilled to pose?)


Our next stop was Journey Into Imagination with Figment.  Figment is one of my BRF, Brandi’s, favorite characters so I had to ride it in her honor :)


Hubby had never really spent a lot of time at EPCOT when he came to Disney World as a kid, so he had never seen “Captain EO”….we fixed that!  (I promised him it was a one and done kind of thing but it was something he should see)

Soon after it was getting time for our dinner reservations at Teppan Edo, so we said good night to Meredith and her brother and booked it back into World Showcase.  We had never eaten here before so it was nice to try a new to us restaurant.  We both enjoyed our dinners but agreed that there are more places we’d like to try at Disney next time, so it wouldn’t be a repeat anytime soon.

WD37 WD38 WD39

I saw some people talking about the Pick-A-Pearl you can do in the Japan pavilion and decided that I wanted to do it.  So after dinner we went down to the marketplace


The way it works is that you pay first ($17) and they give you a number.  When your number is called, you give them your receipt and you then pick your oyster from the water in the tanks.  They have a little ceremony where they open the oyster and pull out your pearl.  I got a beautiful white pearl that was 7 1/4 mm.  I still haven’t decided what to do with it but it was a pretty fun experience :)

After Pick-A-Pearl we headed over to the Mexico pavilion to meet a couple more of my friends.  I had broken my phone charging cord the day before so hubby and I were having to share one.  My friends were nice enough to go buy me another one and meet us at EPCOT to give it to me. :)  We decided to head inside to Cava de la Tequila because I wanted to try their Avocado Margarita…..but they were CLOSED!  We were about 30 minutes too late.  So instead, we decided to ride the Gran Fiesta Tour (it’s pretty lame but gave us something to do)

By the time we were finished, the park was about to close, so we parted ways and hubby and I headed back to our resort to get some sleep.  I had a half marathon to run the next night!

What’s your absolute must do at EPCOT?

Until next time,

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