Sunday, July 22, 2012

Runner's Shopping Spree + A Giveaway!

Last weekend J and I headed up to the outlet mall to find him some new dress shoes...his have seen better days, and with all the travel and training he does, he needs to look sharp.  Well...we had no luck for him, but lots for me!

Nowadays all I want to buy for myself are new running clothes and accessories, so when he asked if I wanted to go into Adidas and Under Armour, I made a beeline for the door.

In Adidas I found a green racerback tank (I didn't take a picture of it but wore it for the Summer Steamer 10K).  Under Armour was my jackpot though.  As I searched the racks J found a shirt for me for $10, and then I found that some racerback tanks were on sale for $8!

New shirts!
The pinks look like a bright pink but they're really a lighter, neon pink, and the blue is more of an aqua color.  I think I'll be scoping the outlet for more sales because these were great finds.  I love a good sale.  I've been pretty frugal with all my running gear with the exception of the shoes....I would rather pay more for a great, comfortable pair of running shoes.

So...this may be TMI, but the point of the blog is to share with you guys, right?  Well...Sunday morning after I got home from the race and went to shower, I found that my underwear had chaffed my rear, and it was not a pleasant feeling.  I mentioned to Sharon the next day that I wished someone made moisture wicking underwear so that this wouldn't happen.  Wouldn't you know it that Under Armour does!  We decided to go back up to the outlet to see if they had any, and they did!  I was lucky enough to find 3 pairs on sale for $8 each.

I haven't had a chance to run in them yet, but I'm looking forward to it (is that weird?)

A couple of weeks ago I also placed my first order for a 4 pack of Nuun and couldn't wait to try out the flavors.  I chose to get the New Flavor 4 pack, but they have a TON of flavors to choose from!

L-R:  Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical, Grape, Fruit Punch
I used the Fruit Punch during my 10K and Sharon tried out the grape (she's slightly obsessed with the color purple and any purple flavors).  We both really enjoyed the subtle flavor and satisfaction that it gave us during the race.  I'm looking forward to trying out the rest of them soon!

Finally, Friday at the grocery store J asked me to pick up some Zone bars for his paintball tournament (more on that this week).   After I grabbed a box, a box of Lemon Zest Luna Bars caught my eye.  I've never had them before and didn't want to commit to a box of the same flavor, so I scanned the shelves to see if they had individual bars for sale.  Further down I found that they did!  I was like a kid in a candy store, grabbing at the flavors that I thought suited my tastes.

Yum...can't wait to try them!
How would you like to win a 4 pack of Nuun hydration for yourself?  I am happy to say that I've chosen to host my very first giveaway!  Here's how you can win -

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, Tess over at Because I Want To is giving away an iPod shuffle!  You should check her blog out.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Until next time,


**I was not contacted by Nuun to participate in a giveaway.  I simply love the product and want to share it with a lucky reader**


  1. I've been wanting to try Nuun. This is awesome!

  2. Nuun is so good! What a good giveaway! Thanks.

  3. I would like to try the fruit punch and strawberry lemonade!

  4. I have never heard of NUNN before... would love to try one! :)

  5. I didn't know they made wicking underwear!!! lol interesting :) My favorite Nuun flavor from that pack went from Strawberry Lemonade to Fruit Punch. For some reason it tastes sweeter so I'm in love :D

  6. Hi Jen, really enjoying reading your blog! I've tagged you in a post on my blog:

    Don't feel obligated to do it, I just thought it was fun :-)

  7. I love Nuun! My favorite flavor is the Strawberry Lemonade- but I'm always up for trying the other flavors :)


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