Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Runner's Christmas

The Saturday before Christmas we had J's parents and grandparents over and made dinner and gave them their gifts since we spent Christmas with my family.  We headed to my parents on Christmas eve and had our traditional dinner with the godparents.
Ready for dinner!!
After dinner we exchange gifts with our godparents, chit chat a bit, and then eventually head to bed.  Even though my brothers and I are all well over 20, we still have fun with Christmas, starting with Santa still bringing us gifts :)
We don't get up nearly as early as we used to, but the excitement is still there and we're ready to dig in and give each other our gifts as well as open the ones for ourselves.

I got a lot of great things for running this year!  I think having an Amazon wish list helped me.  In previous years I've always had a hard time coming up with things that I would like, but since getting into running this year I think (and hope) it made Christmas shopping a little easier.

First off, my youngest brother got me an awesome pair of neon pink compression socks, and his girlfriend got some some pink arm sleeves!
Thanks Patty and Phillip!
J got me some great Under Armour gear...2 pairs of ColdGear pants, a pink long sleeved shirt, compression shorts, and a pink hoodie

He also got me a subscription to Runner's World as well as a gift card to Big Peach Running Company.  Thanks honey!!
My parents and other brother got me some other things - stemless wine glasses, a pair of Sperry "boating"shoes (as J likes to call them), kitchenware items, and much more.

On Christmas eve I received a card in the mail from my aunt and she said she saw this magnet and just had to buy it for me -
I thought it was too cute :)

We had a wonderful Christmas morning and took lots of naps after breakfast.  I hope that you and your family had a great holiday season as well!

What was on your Christmas list?  Did you get what you asked for?

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    1. Thanks! I'm driving around proudly with it on my car :)

  2. Love those pink argyle socks! Which brand are they? It's sometimes hard to find cute compression socks.

    Running presents are seriously the most romantic from the husband. It means that they get it!

    1. I *think* they are Red Lion brand...I'm wearing them now after a 7 mile run and they feel like a hug on my feet and calves :)

  3. You got some great gifts this year!


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