Monday, January 7, 2013

It Happened Again...

The Princess Half marathon is fast approaching (only 45 days away!) and it's time to get serious about the long runs.

Yesterday I did a six mile run.  I jumped on the computer to Map My Run to plan my route, ate some peanut butter crackers, and headed out.

The run itself was okay...I wasn't expecting too much from it, but I knew I needed to get out and get it done.  I did learn a thing or two during my run - 1) don't wear a hoodie.  By mile 2 I was hot and ended up taking it off and tying it around my waist.  As I started to run again, I heard a car honk at me - it was J and Guinness coming to check on me, so I sent the hoodie home with him.  At mile 3 I had planned to take some Gu Chomps, but they were so hard!  I hadn't eaten all of them from a previous race so I saved them, which was lesson #2 - they don't store well after being open.

But I finished...and that's when things went downhill.

The same thing that happened to me on my 8 mile run back in September happened again yesterday.  I got very hot, clammy, and nauseous, so I took a cold shower.  I continued to be nauseous and then couldn't warm up after the shower.  I went straight to the bed when I got out, texted J that I would be upstairs for awhile, and just laid under the covers shivering.  I know exactly what I did wrong....I wasn't properly hydrated and I didn't fuel myself enough for that length of run.  J came up to check on me and tried to help warm me up, and finally about 3 hours later I felt better.  I absolutely cannot continue to let this happen, especially after my half marathon!

I have my first Crossfit class this Wednesday!!  I'm both excited and nervous about it, and I hope I'm still able to run!  Luckily this weekend's long run is only 3 miles per my schedule, so it shouldn't be too terribly bad.  You can bet I'll be blogging about it...if I can move my arms and fingers to type :)

I'm still working on my Christmas blog posts and hope to have those up this week.  Getting caught up at work and at home has put me behind!  And stay tuned for a Fit Approach Sweat Pink giveaway!

Until next time,



  1. Thank you! I'll definitely let you know how it goes!


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