Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Long Run in the Books

Last week was not my best...J traveled to NYC for work and I hate leaving the pup in his crate longer than usual, so I came home every day this week without getting a workout in.  It's shameful, but it's the truth.

BUT...Friday J got home and I decided to take a 2 mile run around the neighborhood.  It wasn't too horribly bad, but it was COLD!

And before I get flamed by all my Northern readers...yes...I understand that it is nowhere NEAR as cold as it is for you guys (my grandparents live in Minnesota so I understand) but for a girl in the South it was pretty chilly.

Sunday I had my 8 mile training run on the calendar.  We were super lazy and I didn't pull myself out of bed until 1:30 PM.  I ate a Clif bar, got dressed, and drove to the greenway.  It was a bit cooler than I thought it was going to be (I wore a tank and capris) but my run quickly warmed me up.

The trail crosses a highway, and I didn't really want to go that far, so I decided that I would turn around when I got to that point, run back to where I started, then turn around and run back down the trail, then back where I started (did I lose you yet?).  That was probably not the most intelligent thing for me to do as when I got back to the parking lot it was tempting to leave....but I pushed on and finished my 8 mile run.

I had a personal goal to run it in 1:45 or less, and I beat it!  Mind you, not by much, but hey...I reached my goal!

Got my Sweat Pink on :)
I was really trying to get a couple of negative splits in my run, so I was anxious to download my run from the Garmin to their website.

Woo hoo!!! I had not one, but TWO negative splits!!  I was pretty excited to see those numbers!

After I got home, I showered and slipped back into my compression socks for the day and had a nice post run meal of Skinnytaste's Spaghetti Squash Lasagna (I highly recommend trying's so tasty!)

Overall, my run is good...but maybe some of you could help me solve a mystery.  The past two long runs I've done I have gotten pain on the inside arch area of my left foot, and on the ball of my right foot.  I have started wearing a new pair of shoes to break them in, but it happens with my old shoes as well.  I'm wearing either Swiftwick or Feetures! socks.  Any ideas?

I love Crossfit, and I will miss it while I'm gone on vacation, so I've decided to put it on the back burner until I get back home and focus more on my training for the half marathon (only 26 more days...squee!!).  Once that's over I plan to dive back into Crossfit.

Thanks for all the new likes on my Facebook page!  I'm trying hard to post more often on it, and please feel free to share with your friends!  Hello Fitness - We Meet Again

Until next time,



  1. Uh oh, that pain sounds like plantar fasciitis to me. I had some issues with it when I first started running, but it eventually resolved itself! Hope it's not that and is just something minor!

    1. Eek! I hope not...gonna try some KT tape on it this weekend to see if that alleviates the pain a bit!

  2. Congrats on the long run! I had been having similar issues with my feet, too...and the pain didn't go away until I went to a different running store and was told that the sneakers I were wearing were too supportive for me.

    1. I got fitted for shoes when I first started running, and the pain has just started..hoping I can figure out what it is and get rid of it!

  3. Nice job on the long run! I agree-30's is cold for Southern girls. I see pictures of people running the snow and I can't even imagine what that must be like.

    1. Me neither! I already don't like to bundle up during my run, but if the weather continues I might have to start!


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