Monday, October 1, 2012

Catch up!

Sorry I've been absent! My brother came and spent the weekend with me, so we hung out, watched football (our Dawgs won!!) and I even took him out on a short two mile run.

So tomorrow I begin my official half marathon training!  I'm going to start off with the program that Jeff Galloway developed for the Disney Princess half marathon and modify it to best suit me and my goals.  After hearing about my friend's experience with the Tower of Terror 10 miler this past weekend, I absolutely cannot wait until February.  I've already started thinking costumes.

In case you guys are interested, Girls Gone Sporty is hosting a challenge for the month of October. It's called the #WickedWallies Challenge. It involves a cash giveaway as well as a grant fund.  Check it out and sign up!

I have a follow up with my doctor Wednesday about my knee.  It's still kind of bothering me and the knee brace he gave me is a little big (it keeps sliding down when I run) so hopefully he won't recommend surgery and he can give me a different brace.  Fingers crossed!!

Until next time,



  1. I wish I was running the Princess Half! You will rock it!

    1. Thank you! February can't come soon enough..I cannot wait!

  2. I enjoyed browsing your blog! I love the running posts, I am a new runner-having just run my first half last Saturday!

    I thought I would mention to you that Garmin has just barely released a new gps watch. It is called the Garmin 10. It is $130! It also is sized for a womans wrist. It does all the basic things you would want. They only things you need to be aware of-in case it matters to you--it doesnt support heart rate monitoring nor will it work with a bike. If those dont matter to you - this watch looks perfect! It also comes in cute girl colors! Pink, white and green.

    Good luck! Keep up the running!

    I guess I should update my blog about my race!!!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I have my fingers crossed ill be getting one soon :) will have to add it to my wish list. Also thank you for the kind words :) will stop by your blog as well!


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