Sunday, October 21, 2012

Virtual Cupcake Classic 5k recap

Run With Jess hosted a virtual race on her blog and Facebook, and after seeing the name, how could I resist?

During the week of October 14-21, you were to run a 5k anywhere of your choice.  Jess even hosted an actual run in her hometown.  It would have been a blast to be there!

I chose to do my run Thursday night after work at one of my favorite places to run - the Big Creek Greenway Trailhead.  I stretched and then headed out to start my run.

The run started out pretty decent, but soon after my ankles began hurting every time I took a step.  I'm not sure if they're just weak or if maybe my shoes are starting to show some wear.  They've never bothered me before this run.  

I did pretty decent, not walking too much during my run intervals but the pain in my ankles really slowed me down.  It definitely wasn't my best time, but it wasn't my worst, either.

After I finished I went home and enjoyed my reward...a cupcake!

She even had some awesome bling to go with the race -

She had tons of amazing sponsors for this race, and she's doing a raffle for everyone that participated to possibly win some awesome prizes!  Can't wait to see if I might have won :)

We had a virtual race packet, too, complete with lots of coupon codes for various websites.  I have heard about Injinji socks from other bloggers, and they were doing a special on some pink toe socks, so I bought them!

The special is still going on so check them out!

I'm already looking forward to this race next year :)

Until next time,



  1. Cool socks! I've always wanted to try them! Hope your ankles feel better.

  2. I participated in this race too! I loved it! Glad to see you are already excited for next year! (:

  3. I just got three pairs of those socks. I ran with them for the first time on Saturday. They were great, and lasted comfortably for 12 miles. I hope you like them as well.

  4. The socks look fun! I would rock them just because! ;)
    Glad the Cupcake Classic went well, hopefully the ankles would toughen up for you!


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